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Digital Accessibility Services

Ability of a websites, mobile application or electronic document to be easily navigated and understood by a wide range of users, including those users who have visual, auditory, motor or cognitive disabilities.

Why Digital Accessibility is important?

The World Health Organization estimates that there are over 285 million visually impaired people, 245 million with low vision and 39 million totally blind people.

And up to 20% of web users suffer from some form of visual impairment; who may be your employees, prospects, or customers. Digital Accessibility will ensure your content will never leave them lost in the darkness.

Why Typo Publishing for Digital Accessibility?

With wide knowledge on Digital Accessibility and importance of it, Typo Publishing provides ongoing support to our clients making all their digital content accessible to everyone. To ensure that our partner’s final product is accessible for publication our expert team follows a unique and special workflow. Typo Publishing deals with all varieties of digital contents ranging from websites, applications, eBooks, forms and documents.

You can expect to receive our services which comply with all professional requirements including PDF/UA and WCAG.2.0 compliance, branding and reading order and tight security and privacy policies.

Our expertise in Digital Accessibility:

With detailed understanding of Section 508 standards and WCAG 2.0 Success Criteria within the mechanics of Microsoft Office and other authoring tools to produce documents we are able to provide digital accessibility to all users regardless of ability.

We ensure Digital Accessibility for,

– Document Accessibility

– ePUB Accessibility

Typo Publishing provides accessibility services to ensure that your organization’s documents are delivered in an accessible format in accordance with AODA requirements.

Document formats we can help ensure accessible are PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Fillable Forms and InDesign documents to create accessible PDFs.

Each file format has unique specification and complexity to make them accessible. Our experts have extensive experience assessing electronic documents.

In digital world eBook plays a vital role among all the readers worldwide. Nowadays academic and STM publishers are also turning towards eBooks due to instant access and easy portability. ePUB accessibility is implemented to ensure that all the eBooks are equally available for visually impaired.

Our accessibility experts follow EPUB Accessibility 1.0 guidelines and WCAG 2.0/2.1 standards to make ePUB3 accessible.


Why Typo Publishing

With our professional writers and design team, your company’s identity will be clear in all of your materials. We value and respect every of our customers and deal with them with high level of professionalism. With our multiple services we save time for our customers from interacting with many vendors for their services. Also, we know how to produce your commercial work at low costs.

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