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Pre-Press & Digital Publishing

Substantive Editing

Substantive editing otherwise known as structural editing is done to improve the organization and presentation of the book from the title through the ending suitable for the readership. Our professional editors with clear cut knowledge on substantive editing helps authors to organise the texts with exact message the author needs to convey.

Line Editing

Use right word at the right place. Each sentence is edited by focussing on word choice, rhythm, syntax to improve the overall strength of the line. Line editing helps to ensure that the story flows well and moves forward at the right pace from the first word to the last. Our line editors will help to tighten up the story, from structuring the paragraphs to the story’s timeline.


Copy-editing is primarily concerned with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. Our subject experts perform technical editing either with your in‐house style guides or create custom styles for all the 3 levels of editing. Our experts edit with detailed understanding on the intent of the author and fine-tune the style and presentation in a clear and concise manner and use appropriate words and ideas to present the content. We have a good process flow to enable a collaborative output with off‐shore copy editors in English and other languages.


Proofreading comes at the stage in the publishing process where smaller mistakes are known and corrected on the proofs once the copy-editing stage is completed but before the work is finally written. The process of skilled proofreading could be an extremely technical talent that is allotted to all forms of work from tutorial textbooks to novels to instruction manuals. We will match our proof-readers to the work according to their experience.


Index is a guide for your document – whether it is a manual, a journal, or an extensive database. We perform indexing services based on keyword, author name, subject or product, which can facilitate entries to be made in any of the three tiers namely first, second or third tier. In addition to book indexing services, some of the indexing/archiving services that we provide includes Full profile and text indexing, Document conversion, etc.


Why Typo

We know what we do and We love what we do. With our professional writers and design team, your company’s identity will be clear in all of your materials. We value and respect every of our customers and deal with them with high level of professionalism.


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