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Pre-Press & Digital Publishing

Our art and style services embody book illustrations, cowl style, and image masking. We work on a broad range of children’s books to manuals, journals, reference texts, advertisements and even medical texts. 

  • Scanning (Color, Black, and White)
  • Image manipulations
  • Processing single and multi-color jobs
  • Color corrections
  • Redrawing, retouching and relabelling artwork
  • Line drawing, technical drawing, manual pencil drawing, storyboard drawing
  • Chemical drawing and structural drawing
  • Creative art, cartoon art, situational art and medical art
  • Photo works, maps, illustrations
  • 2D and 3D charts

Cover Design

Our design team analyses the concept of the book and develops cover templates. Our cover designing services starts by understanding the central theme/concept of the book, developing multiple templates, based on feedback or suggestions from the author, obtaining final approval with  a template and then developing the final design for the author approval.

Comic and Manga

The highly talented artists at Typo Publishing serves you the best comic book illustration and children’s book services. A comic book is a series of sequential illustrations with a combination of short texts, dialogues, and annotations depending on the story and also the target cohort. The comic illustrations will be realistic and diverse from careful illustrations to terribly simplified child-like naive drawings.

  • Image Layout – unretouched version
  • Text Frame Creation
  • Text Flowing
  • Relinking of images – retouched version
  • Re-lettering – fine tuning of text layout
  • PDF Creation
  • Erasing of text with background
  • Restoration of background details
  • SFX Creation
  • Scanning and Alignment
  • Erasing of text in speech balloons
  • e-Manga Conversion
  • Mobi Conversion


Why Typo

We know what we do and We love what we do. With our professional writers and design team, your company’s identity will be clear in all of your materials. We value and respect every of our customers and deal with them with high level of professionalism.


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