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Prepress And Digital Publishing Services

Project Management is the heart of publishing process. Typo Publishing excels in Project Management for Journals, Books, and Multimedia projects.

We combine our expertise and intelligence to provide technological solutions and services with top notch quality and profitable relationship. We manage your project from receipt of input to final delivery of the merchandise.

Our project managers are responsible for ensuring that each project moves smoothly and effectively through the workflow, serving as client advocates in the following ways:

Process Management: Supervising the overall process, including all ancillary components, to ensure on-time delivery of all of the component pieces.

Budget Management: Managing costs and flagging scope issues to ensure that there are no surprises at the end of a project.

Schedule Management: Developing the master schedule and tracking progress against it.

Resource Management:  Budgeting, selecting and hiring, briefing, ongoing assessment of work and deliverable, and documenting performance reviews.

Project Oversight: Observing and managing the project from a macro level to ensure all areas are working together towards delivery expectations.

Communication: Timely, appropriate, concise, and clear communications with all project stakeholders throughout.

Problem Solving: Anticipating them, addressing them, crafting customized solutions within the project schedule, scope, and budget considerations in mind.

Substantive Editing

Substantive editing otherwise known as structural editing is done to improve the organization and presentation of the book from the title through the ending suitable for the readership. Our professional editors with clear cut knowledge on substantive editing helps authors to organise the texts with exact message the author needs to convey.

Line Editing

Use right word at the right place. Each sentence is edited by focussing on word choice, rhythm, syntax to improve the overall strength of the line. Line editing helps to ensure that the story flows well and moves forward at the right pace from the first word to the last. Our line editors will help to tighten up the story, from structuring the paragraphs to the story’s timeline.


Copy-editing is primarily concerned with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. Our subject experts perform technical editing either with your in‐house style guides or create custom styles for all the 3 levels of editing. Our experts edit with detailed understanding on the intent of the author and fine-tune the style and presentation in a clear and concise manner and use appropriate words and ideas to present the content. We have a good process flow to enable a collaborative output with off‐shore copy editors in English and other languages.


Proofreading comes at the stage in the publishing process where smaller mistakes are known and corrected on the proofs once the copy-editing stage is completed but before the work is finally written. The process of skilled proofreading could be an extremely technical talent that is allotted to all forms of work from tutorial textbooks to novels to instruction manuals. We will match our proof-readers to the work according to their experience.


Index is a guide for your document – whether it is a manual, a journal, or an extensive database. We perform indexing services based on keyword, author name, subject or product, which can facilitate entries to be made in any of the three tiers namely first, second or third tier. In addition to book indexing services, some of the indexing/archiving services that we provide includes Full profile and text indexing, Document conversion, etc.

Professional typesetting enhances the looks, readability, and interest of your publication. We offer a good variety of high-volume composition services exploitation 3B2, InDesign, and Quark Express—in addition to partial or full LaTex workflows—to meet your publication’s distinctive layout and print specifications. Our composition team includes an avid academic department practiced in art creation and alteration. We typeset for STM Books and Journals, K-12 Education, Professional publishing (Financial, Management, Education, and Technology), English including language and literature, Trade publishing and Magazine publishing.


Our composition services includes

  • Mathematical and scientific equations, formulas and symbols.
  • Well named and clearly setup stylesheets.
  • Conversion/reformat/repurpose of old legacy QuarkXPress files into Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word.
  • Expert typographic and typeface selection advice.
  • Footnotes, endnotes, quotations.
  • Format to composition or template specification.
  • Micro typography issues (justification, kerning, leading, tracking, hyphenation, superscript/subscript setting).
  • Multilingual texts (Cyrillic, Greek, foreign languages).
  • Fix of widow words and lines.
  • Prepress pre-flight (removal of unused fonts and swatches).
  • Setup to printer specification (bleed/crop marks, PDF preparation, image resolution, colour management and profiles, pagination).
  • Tables (including decimal point alignment in numerical data).
  • XML (Extensible mark-up Language) tagging.

 By relying on us for your typesetting projects, your designers won’t have to worry about languages they don’t understand, and you won’t have to deal with new software and font compatibilities. We will deliver final files that are able to print or publish on-line.

Our art and style services embody book illustrations, cowl style, and image masking. We work on a broad range of children’s books to manuals, journals, reference texts, advertisements and even medical texts. 

  • Scanning (Color, Black, and White)
  • Image manipulations
  • Processing single and multi-color jobs
  • Color corrections
  • Redrawing, retouching and relabelling artwork
  • Line drawing, technical drawing, manual pencil drawing, storyboard drawing
  • Chemical drawing and structural drawing
  • Creative art, cartoon art, situational art and medical art
  • Photo works, maps, illustrations
  • 2D and 3D charts

Cover Design

Our design team analyses the concept of the book and develops cover templates. Our cover designing services starts by understanding the central theme/concept of the book, developing multiple templates, based on feedback or suggestions from the author, obtaining final approval with  a template and then developing the final design for the author approval.

Comic and Manga

The highly talented artists at Typo Publishing serves you the best comic book illustration and children’s book services. A comic book is a series of sequential illustrations with a combination of short texts, dialogues, and annotations depending on the story and also the target cohort. The comic illustrations will be realistic and diverse from careful illustrations to terribly simplified child-like naive drawings.

  • Image Layout – unretouched version
  • Text Frame Creation
  • Text Flowing
  • Relinking of images – retouched version
  • Re-lettering – fine tuning of text layout
  • PDF Creation
  • Erasing of text with background
  • Restoration of background details
  • SFX Creation
  • Scanning and Alignment
  • Erasing of text in speech balloons
  • e-Manga Conversion
  • Mobi Conversion


With industry-leading turnaround times, a transparent and convenient submission method, unmatched commitment to quality, Typo Publishing is the destination for all of your eBook needs. We have a tendency to assist the writers/authors or publishers to sell their books on-line in ebook format. We’ve served many Authors/Publishers across the world for his or her ebook formatting needs.

What we create

  • ePUB files
  • Mobi files
  • Reflowable eBooks
  • Enhanced eBooks
  • Flipbooks

Fixed Layout eBooks

eBooks with mounted Layout format are designed within the actual means they seem similar to the original books or documents.  The images, texts, and other items do not flow but can be zoomed in and out similar to an image. One can simply explore for specific text  and at constant time read it in multi-column page. Fixed Layout eBooks additionally supports the combination of options, sort of a read-aloud possibility, fast navigation, audio-video support, lexicon linking, etc. Our consultants provide a skilled bit by wrapping text around pictures and merging text over pictures if needed. We additionally ensure to affix the graphical pictures to a footing and it’ll be in print page layout.

Interactive eBooks

Interactive eBooks are electronic books that interacts with readers each mentally and physically as they result one page to succeeding page. Interactive eBook options read-along technology is perfect for individual reading with skilled narration, Text lightness by word or sentence, vocabulary for troubled readers, etc.


ePDF is an Encapsulated Portable Document Format file and is actively used for changing extremely formatted and illustrated titles. We will convert any paper manuscript, image, word documents, hypertext markup language or XML files into PDF.  Store your PDF documents on the portal and have them obtainable once necessary.

XML and Data Conversion

XML or protractile mark-up language is one in all the foremost powerful and versatile cross-platform commercial enterprise formats used for info storage and shown them online. XML conversion from totally different formats like text, html, pdf, jpg, pdf to XML guarantees straightforward and speedy publishing of knowledge on the online, no matter the format of the originating supply.

Hence, several organizations are turning to XML conversion for his or her internet publishing as they typically face the requirement to convert sizable amount of documents into an XML compatible kind quickly and with efficiency. We are dedicated in supplying you quality and effective XML connected conversions for XBRL, Pubmed, DTbook, iEEE, etc. Our intimate conversion specialists with efficiency will complete conversion of varied sorts of document formats into XML, that includes:

  • PDF to XML
  • Text to XML
  • HTML to XML
  • Excel to XML
  • RTF to XML

Scanning and OCR

To make a paper document into editable digital format easier, Scanning and OCR package is widely used. Changing documents, text, images, and sound files to digital and/or machine-readable formats may be a necessity for several digital generations to come. Scanning is that the method of capturing analog materials as digital pictures. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) programs “read” these pictures and convert them to text documents which might be simply searched, copied, edited, or used for procedure text analysis strategies. Through scanning and OCR an e-book will be created a lot of quicker with less errors and it’ll be easier to update the data within the book frequently.


We provide typewriting services that may assist you to convert written or hardcopy documents and scanned copies into a spread of digital file formats, as well as Word, Excel, .txt, .rtf, etc., which saves time of manual typewriting and data format. We offer skilled typewriting Services for Manuals, Legal documents, Historical documents, Manuscripts, Resumes, Books, etc. We’ve helped several company corporations, universities, publishers, authors, legal agencies, consultants, etc. transferring information into electronic/digital files. We provide typewriting services with accuracy – 99.95% on single-entry work with high security and confidentiality.


We provide quality translations at unbeatable costs in over one hundred languages to a spread of sectors round the globe. We guarantee to correct natural-sounding texts by solely ever using native-speaking professionals, and making certain every document is reviewed in line with strict quality assurance protocols before delivery. We have a tendency to cowl a massive variety of market sectors, content formats, and file sorts. From medical to legal, promoting to finance, there’s no field that we have dont cowl.
Our language specialists add subjects that match their qualifications and knowledge and translate into their language. No matter your translation demand, we’ve got knowledgeable, maternal language translators who will quickly turnaround your document in next to no time.
Our method includes correct translation; thorough redaction and proofreading; maintenance of glossaries and translation memories; and strict in-house internal control.


Why Typo Publishing

With our professional writers and design team, your company’s identity will be clear in all of your materials. We value and respect every of our customers and deal with them with high level of professionalism. With our multiple services we save time for our customers from interacting with many vendors for their services. Also, we know how to produce your commercial work at low costs.

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