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Pre-Press & Digital Publishing

XML and Data Conversion

XML or protractile mark-up language is one in all the foremost powerful and versatile cross-platform commercial enterprise formats used for info storage and shown them online. XML conversion from totally different formats like text, html, pdf, jpg, pdf to XML guarantees straightforward and speedy publishing of knowledge on the online, no matter the format of the originating supply.

Hence, several organizations are turning to XML conversion for his or her internet publishing as they typically face the requirement to convert sizable amount of documents into an XML compatible kind quickly and with efficiency. We are dedicated in supplying you quality and effective XML connected conversions for XBRL, Pubmed, DTbook, iEEE, etc. Our intimate conversion specialists with efficiency will complete conversion of varied sorts of document formats into XML, that includes:

  • PDF to XML
  • Text to XML
  • HTML to XML
  • Excel to XML
  • RTF to XML

Scanning and OCR

To make a paper document into editable digital format easier, Scanning and OCR package is widely used. Changing documents, text, images, and sound files to digital and/or machine-readable formats may be a necessity for several digital generations to come. Scanning is that the method of capturing analog materials as digital pictures. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) programs “read” these pictures and convert them to text documents which might be simply searched, copied, edited, or used for procedure text analysis strategies. Through scanning and OCR an e-book will be created a lot of quicker with less errors and it’ll be easier to update the data within the book frequently.


We provide typewriting services that may assist you to convert written or hardcopy documents and scanned copies into a spread of digital file formats, as well as Word, Excel, .txt, .rtf, etc., which saves time of manual typewriting and data format. We offer skilled typewriting Services for Manuals, Legal documents, Historical documents, Manuscripts, Resumes, Books, etc. We’ve helped several company corporations, universities, publishers, authors, legal agencies, consultants, etc. transferring information into electronic/digital files. We provide typewriting services with accuracy – 99.95% on single-entry work with high security and confidentiality.


We provide quality translations at unbeatable costs in over one hundred languages to a spread of sectors round the globe. We guarantee to correct natural-sounding texts by solely ever using native-speaking professionals, and making certain every document is reviewed in line with strict quality assurance protocols before delivery. We have a tendency to cowl a massive variety of market sectors, content formats, and file sorts. From medical to legal, promoting to finance, there’s no field that we have dont cowl.
Our language specialists add subjects that match their qualifications and knowledge and translate into their language. No matter your translation demand, we’ve got knowledgeable, maternal language translators who will quickly turnaround your document in next to no time.
Our method includes correct translation; thorough redaction and proofreading; maintenance of glossaries and translation memories; and strict in-house internal control.


Why Typo

We know what we do and We love what we do. With our professional writers and design team, your company’s identity will be clear in all of your materials. We value and respect every of our customers and deal with them with high level of professionalism.


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